Margaret L. Bauman, MD


Neurobiology of Autism
by Margaret L. Bauman, MD (Editor), Thomas L. Kemper, MD
March, 2006

In The Neurobiology of Autism, Margaret Bauman and Thomas Kemper bring together leading investigators from the field of autism to discuss advances in scientific research that point to a neurobiological basis for autism and to examine the clinical implications of the research.

Your Successful Preschooler
by Ann Densmore, Ed.D., CCC SLP/A (Author), Margaret L. Bauman, MD (Co-author)
Harvard University Press, 2011

Many young children are not naturally confident and engaged with their friends. However, research shows that children can be taught—at a very early age—the skills they need to be socially and academically successful. Authors Ann Densmore, EdD, a prominent speech and language pathologist and child therapist, and Margaret Bauman, MD, a world-renowned pediatric neurologist, have identified ten essential skills preschoolers must master in order to lead a lifetime of success.

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